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Price:  Rs. 300 ∼ 15000/ Per bag
Supply availability: 1000 Bags/day

We are the leading  manufacturer of animal feed supplements like cow feed supplements, Cattle feed supplements, Dog feed supplements, horse feed supplements, swine feed supplements, sheep feed supplements and animal health care products.

Aquaculture Products

Price: Rs.500 ~ 15000/Per bag
Supply availability: 1000 Bags/day

We manufacture, supply and export the best quality aquaculture products like shrimp growth supplements, shrimp health supplements, shrimp immunity boosters, pond toxins remover, ammonia reducer, infection remover, lice care and Pond Cleaner.

Poultry Products

Price: 500 ~ 15000/Per Bag
Supply availability: 1000 Bags/day

We are the  largest manufacturer and supplier of Poultry farming products based in Hyderabad Telangana. Our Products enhances the feed conversion ratio and improves the health of chicken.

Agricultural products

Price: 500~15000/Per Bag
Supply availability: 1000 bags /day

BioXcell is the leading manufacturer of  Agricultural products like Humxcel, weedex and Proteinex. These enhances the uptake nutrients, tillering, rooting and plant growth.

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